Anchoring Epoxy

Anchoring Epoxy

Versatile and multi-purpose pure epoxy is great capability, high loading and for wide range climate. It can apply to diverse installation conditions.
It offers excellent bonding strength and last good condition under high heat and strong wind.


1. Increase Bonding Strength of Anchor bolt, Threaded rod, Threaded bolt, Rebar, Stud, Iron rod, Reinforcing bars, Façade pins, Railing, Walls, Girder, Beams and Columns, Scaffolding
2.Mounting system.
3.Track fixtures.
4.Vertical or overhead installation.
5.Tropical weather.
6.Large packing for diamond holes.
7.Steelwork constructions, Façades, Conveyor belts, Rim beam anchoring, Pipelines, Tall shelving, Steel brackets, Silos, Bridge beams, Tunnel. Construction material, Structure reinforcement, Pillar expanding, Bridge reinforcement


1.Versatile and multi-purpose applications.
2.High performance in bonding strength
3.Styrene free and low odor with VOC certificate.
4.Available for water saturated and wet holes.
5.Suitable for wide climate and large construction projects

Suitable Materials

1.Solar panel / Concrete / Aerated concrete
2.Marble / Reconstituted stone
Rock / Stone
3.Hollow Brick / Solid masonry
4.Solid Brick / Solid Block
6.Sand lime brick
7.Perforated Slab


1.Drill correct hole size and depth on concrete/ brick/ stone/ masonry.
2.Blow out dust.
3.Clean the hole with brush.
4.Blow out remaining dust.
5.Inject adhesive from the bottom.
6.Insert stud/ bolt/ anchor/ rebar/ threaded rods into the hole.
7.Wait for few minutes. The steel and concrete will bond very firmly.