Book Binding Glue

VEGAMELT B-110 is an especially formulated hot melt adhesive for spine gluing which will perform on most machines such as Muller martini, Sheridan, Kolbus. It produces a tough film, giving a high page pull value and good performance on burst, slot and notch binding. This product can run on both slow and medium speeds machines. It has excellent heat resistance and cold flexibility.

Properties & Characteristics

Type : EVA Copolymer based
Appearance : Off-white chips
Softening point (1): 95.0 – 110.0 °C
Viscosity (2) : 5,000 – 7,000 cPs @ 160 °C
Setting Time : Short
Open Time : Long
Recommended working temperature(3): 140 – 180 °C
(1) Ring & Ball
(2) Brookfield, RVT, Thermosel, Spindle no. 27, 20 rpm, Factor 125
(3) Depending on the porosity of the substrates and the machine speeds.


1.Application method for nozzle, wheel, plunger.
2.Testing is recommended before general use.
3.Cleaning – easy to clean with paraffin wax and SVN-352L.

  • Material is applied hot so wear appropriate clothing and use eye protection.
  • Use in well ventilated area.
  • Do not mix with other adhesives.
  • Keep container and pre-melt covered to avoid contamination.
Shelf Life & Storage Condition

Under cool and dry storage, and closed original packaging ; at least 1 year without negative impact on