It has high viscosity & high solid content. Firm end bond strength, heat and water resistance, does not stain, flexible tack retention time with good stability suitable for porous materials.

Type of Applications

Adhesive for ladies, men’s safety and casual shoes made of leather, rubber, canvas, EVA and TPR.

Product Utilization

Designed for highly absorbent sole-bonding. Specially design for bonding rubber material

product Specification
  • Chemical Composition : Acrylic & Poly-Chloroprene Coprlymer.
  • Physical Form : Yellowish Liquid.
  • Solid Content (%) : 20-22
  • Viscosity (cps) : 3000-3400 at 30.c by Brookfield Viscometer RV.
  • Storage Stability : max.6 months at room temperature.