It has good water, heat & plasticizers resistance. Easy to apply and fast setting. It is suitable for room temperature bonding and can also be heat-actived.

Type of Applications

Adhesive for children’s, ladies shoes and sandals, Man’s shoes and sandals made of rubber, nylon, PU, PVC & TPR.

Product Utilization

For bonding outsole to shoe uppers.

product Specification
  • Chemical Composition : Polyurethane Resin.
  • Physical Form : Transparent Solution.
  • Solid Content (%) : 16-19
  • Viscosity (cps) : 2800-3400 at 30.c by Brookfield Viscometer RV.
  • Storage Stability : max.6 months at room temperature.
  • Heat Actived : 50-60 .c (on material surface, 3-5 min)