Double Sided Car Tape

Double Sided Car Tape

Automobile foam double-sided adhesive is a kind of double-sided adhesive which is made by applying strong viscosity-acrylic adhesive on both sides of bubbling cotton base and then covering one side with separate paper or release film. Foam double-sided adhesive has strong adhesion, good maintenance, waterproof performance, strong temperature resistance, uv protection. The foaming materials include EVA foam, PE foam, PU foam, acrylic foam and high foaming. The colloidal system is divided into: oil glue, hot sol, rubber and acrylic glue.


1.Water resistance: closed bubble structure, no water absorption, moisture resistance, good water resistance.
2.Corrosion resistance: resistant to corrosion of seawater, oil, acid, alkali and other chemicals, anti-bacterial, non-toxic, tasteless and pollution-free.
3.Machinability: no joint, and easy to hot pressing, cutting, gluing, laminating and other processing.
4.Shock resistance: high resilience and tensile strength, strong toughness, good shock and buffering performance.
5.Thermal insulation: excellent thermal insulation, cold insulation and low temperature performance, able to withstand cold and exposure.
6.Sound insulation: closed bubble hole, sound insulation effect is good.
7. Available in different sizes.


Automobiles, air conditioners, refrigerators, freezers, household appliances, engineering refrigeration, refrigeration and refrigeration, etc.
The inner lining materials of skates and sneakers, sports insoles, luggage back pads, surfboards, kneeling pads;
Base material of high grade foam rubber belt products;
Thermal insulation materials for buildings such as ice storehouses, cold proof buildings, light roofs and building installations;
Materials of car seat, car interior, roof, foot pad and sunshade board;
Electrical appliances, precision instruments, instruments and other electronic products shock – buffering packaging and other broad areas. Automotive electronic accessories, air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment, cold storage insulation materials, machine equipment seal buffer parts, thermal stereotypes parts, a variety of precision instruments, medical knife, measuring equipment packaging lining, sports supplies, intelligence building.