Glass Silicon


DOWSIL Glass Sealant A high performance acid-curing silicone for a wide range of glass assembly, fish tanks, etc. It forms a durable and flexible waterproof sealant with most common building materials.


Due to its fast curing and high strength , acid tantalum is very suitable for bonding glass and glass. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, mainly for traditional building materials, glass assembly and fish tanks. The fast curing characteristics allow the glass and glass to be formed quickly after assembly, while the high base strength makes the glass and glass adhere firmly.


1.Glass window and glass window connection

The interface between the glass window and the glass window will require the silicone rubber to prevent the rain from penetrating into the joint of the two glass joints. The adhesive can also be used to connect different glasses.

2.Fish tank

The method of the fish tank is to combine several pieces of glass (different shapes required for different shapes), and use silicone as the connection of glass. For the formation of aquarium, there is a certain requirement for fast curing and silicone strength.

3.Glass cabinet

The glass cabinets in the department store are assembled from several pieces of glass. Different designs and structures will need to connect two or several pieces of glass. In this case, it is necessary to form a fast and strong enough acid silicone.