Hot melt adhesive

VEGAMELT 802 is a filled hot melt adhesive formulated for automated edge banding. It provides excellent adhesion on various surfaces and good heat resistance. It has good resistance to oxidation on melting process.

Properties & Characteristics

Type : Synthetic polymer based
Appearance : Opaque white chips
Softening point(1): 90 – 105 °C
Viscosity (2) : 100,000 – 135,000 cPs @ 180°C

Recommended working temperature(3): 180 – 200 °C
(1) Ring & Ball
(2) Brookfield, RVT, Thermosel, Spindle # 27, 1 rpm, Factor 2,500
(3) Depending on the porosity of the substrates and the machine speeds.


1.Application method for nozzle, wheel, plunger.
2.Testing is recommended before general use.
3.Cleaning – easy to clean with paraffin wax and SVN-352L.

  • Material is applied hot so wear appropriate clothing and use eye protection.
  • Use in well ventilated area.
  • Apply the sealant with hand or caulking gun.
  • Do not mix with other adhesives.
  • Keep container and pre-melt covered to avoid contamination.
Shelf Life & Storage Condition

Under cool and dry storage, and closed original packaging ; at least 1 year without negative impact on