GF-series Item-L 750ML PU foam, which is based on moisture curing polyurethane, containing safety propellant, is used to seal gaps and crevices. The foam that dispenses from aerosol can is moisture cured and draws humidity from the air for cure.


Cost Efficient Updated Formula All Season use Shelf life 12 months

Product Features
  • Easy to use.
  • Bonds to and seals most popular construction materials, wood, concrete, plaster, plumbing et.
  • Durable airtight seal-stops air infiltration, drafts and energy loss.
  • High insulating value-saves energy and money.
How To Use
  • Shake can well to make the foam ready for use.
  • Clean the substrate and spray some water on it..
  • Screw foam dispenser on tightly and turn the can upside down.
  • Vertical fill the gaps from the bottom upwards.
  • Foam is tack-free (surface drying) in 8 to 10 minutes in temperatures +18°C and +25°C; Higher temperatures will result in faster setup time.
  • Remove unwanted cured foam by cutting it with knife. Well done!