Clear Lamination Epoxy

Product Description

This product is lamination chemical, used for belts, school id cards, key chain and it is a high viscous standard epoxy adhesive which delivers high shear & peel strength, excellent adhesion to wide range of substrates. It withstands heavy impact loads. Resistance to wide range of oils and solvents. Temperature resistance, extremely durable and tough. 100% reactive system, which does not shrink over a period of time.


1. Laminating buckles, Logo, batches, Keychain etc.
2. As clear lamination on porous and non porous surfaces as a protective coating


Mixing Ratio (R: H):100:50 by WeightPot
Life: 50-55 minutes at 250 C of 100 gm mix.
Hardening Time: 3 to 4 hours at 250 C.
Curing Time: 24 hours at 250 C.
Resin Colour: Pale yellow transparent liquid.
Hardener Colour: Transparent Viscous Liquid.
Viscosity (R: H) at 250 C in cps: 300-400:150-175
Tensile Strength: 20-30 Kg/Cm2

Packing: 1.5 Kg

Product Features

Material: Liquid
Color: Transparent
Capacity: 1 Kg (Resin-Epoxy) and 500 grams (Hardner-Epoxy)
Package Content: 1 Resin-Epoxy, 1 Hardner-Epoxy
Resistance :Impact Resistant , Vibration Resistant , Water Resistant