Lejell 210 is a one component gun grade polyurethane based construction sealant, it is of low modulus and cures by reaction with atmospheric moisture to form a soft rubber like material with excellent elastic and adhesion strength…

Lejell 210 is suitable for most building joints, including perimeter caulking of doors and windows.
*Expansion joints.
*Joints in pre-cast panel.
*External walling, curtain wall joints
*skylights, smoke vents,
*other structural sealing for areas with structure movement

* mildew proofing, Meet national standard for sealing of drinking water pipe.
* One component, no need of mixing.
* Easy for applying.
* Highly elasticity and low modulus.
* Excellent durability, weathering resistance…
* Self bonding, easily for repairing.
* three kinds of colors available.
* 600, 400 CC aluminum foil packaging, 310 cartridge package for choice.
* Can be painted.