Hot melt Adhesive

MINERVA A06-167 is an especially formulated hot melt adhesive for Reel-fed-labeling of bottles and container made of PET, PE with paper and plastic (OPP) labels. Excellent adhesion both of
paper and film labels. It meets the composition requirement of FDA Food Additives Regulation 21 CFR 175.105, “Adhesives.”

Properties & Characteristics

Type of Adhesive Hot melt based on synthetic polymer
Appearance Light -yellow transparent in box.
Viscosity -500-700 cPs. (at 160 ºC Brookfield Thermosel #27)
Softening Point -65-75 ºC (Ring and ball)
Open Time Unlimited
Surface sticky
Working Temperature -130 – 160 ºC


1.MINERVA A06-167 suggests for all standards roller applicators.
2.Working temperature depends on conditions of machine, substrate and environment etc.
3. For cleaning of the equipment we recommend Selic Cleaning Agents for hot melt.

    • Do not mix with other adhesives.
    • For Disposal and Security advice see Safety Data Sheet..


Shelf Life & Storage Condition

Under cool and dry storage, and closed original packaging ; at least 1 year without negative impact on