PVC Warning Tape

PVC warning tape (also known as “Marking Tape”) is suitable both for indoor and for outdoor use. The PVC warning tape is widely used for cabinets and cable pathways. This is the detectable PVC warning tape that is aimed at non-metallic fiber optic cable.


1.It is designed for industrial identification, color coding, lane mark and bundling.
2.It is designed for floor or aisle marking and pipe wrapping.
3.Hazard warning.
4.Rubber-based adhesive.
5.Non-metallic fiber optic cable.
6.Excellent choice in the long run.
7.Size Available :48mm x 25m


1.Suitable for indoor and for outdoor use.
2.Easy to tear and to remove, resistant to acid and they provide high-quality insulation as well.
3.Mainly used to protect wires and electrical parts.
4.Made from strong and durable PVC film.
5.Used for sealing,decorating, marking and safety coding.
6.Resistant to high voltage and high temperatures.
7.Rubber adhesive ensures strong and long-lasting adhesion, and the tape comes in bright eye-catching color.