Thread Locker

Product Description

ADB DB71 is a one component anaerobic with high strenght acrylic based thread locker. The product is designed for fitting, locking and sealing on heavy duty applications with maximum strength.

It is resistant to heat, gasoline, antifreeze, transmission fluid and other chemicals. Suitable for uses on active parts such as nuts onto studs in pump housing and studs in motor housing. It cures the absense of air in between close fitting metal surfaces ADB DB 71 professional prevents loosening and corrosion from high vibration and shock.


Strength- High
Cure – Anaerobic
Colour – Red
Fastener Size – M25 and below
Working Temprature – -54C to 150 C


1.Cylinder block and rocker arm studs
2.Shock absorber mounts
3.Ring bear bolts
4.Frame bolts