Vegamelt 7 (EVA Based)

VEGAMELT 7 is an EVA based, synthetic hot melt adhesive formulated for packaging industry. This adhesive provides excellent adhesion on various carton boards, and good performance at high temperature and refrigerator conditions. It is suitable for heavy duty.

Properties & Characteristics

Type : EVA Copolymer
Characteristic Appearance : Yellowish– Yellow Chips
Softening point (Ring & Ball): 100 – 110oC
Viscosity @ 160 oC : 1,300 -1,800 cPs
(Brookfield, RVT, Thermosel, Spindle # 27, 50 rpm, Factor 50)
Setting Time : Short
Open Time : Medium
Recommended working
temperature : 160–175 °C
(Depending on the porosity of the substrates and the
machine speeds.)


Testing is recommended before general use
1. Cleaning –easy to clean with paraffin wax and SVN-352L
2. Storage – may be stored up to 6 months in a cool and dry place
3. Precautions – material is applied hot so wear appropriate clothing and use eye protection
4. Use in well ventilated area
5. Keep container and pre-melt covered to avoid contamination
6. Do not mix with other adhesives
7. The materials to be bonded must be dry and free from dust


Plastic Sack 25Kg