X5 all in one lube

Product Description

Sparko X5 All in one lube
Industrial strength all purpose lubricant
Sparko® High Tech X5 All-In-One Lube does the job FAST! It provides lubrication while protecting against rust and corrosion, and penetrates deeply to loosen stuck parts like nuts, bolts, valves, and etc. Repels and seals out moisture to start wet motors and engines. Eliminates squeaks from hinges, beltings, and other moving parts.

Cleans and dissolves tar, grease and adheisve. X5’s industrial strength formulation is perfect for industrial, commercial and household applications.


1.Unlimited applications
2.Excellent lubrication
3.Excellent Penetration Power
4.Excellent Anti Rust Protection
5.Excellent Degreasing Power
6.Excellent Moisture Repelling Power