Our Story

Champak and Chirag International started its journey back in 1998 AD as a footwear business founded by the Nahata Brothers. Later as the interest grew, Adhesives and Sealants were traded more and the aspect of the business expanded with time. Thus, after seeing the market potential, the company started its own website Nepal Adhesive. Since then the journey of Nepal Adhesive has been a story of cultivating trust and reaching lives which are the pillars of the founding company. We have been supplying to a wide range of customers aiming both industrial as well as domestic usages.

We are a company that specialises in distributing Adhesives and Sealants. Nepal Adhesive is the only such website of its kind in Nepal that exclusively deals with adhesives and sealants. Our product line encompasses almost all kinds and categories of Adhesives and Sealants featuring international brands. We feature the most trusted brands of the world offering products that range from quick and easy adhesives to task specific and repair. We have a very diverse range of adhesives, silicones, construction additives for glass related tools and hardware which cater to various needs of industries and household activities. To maintain the quality, safety and, to ensure customer satisfaction, we carefully make our choices in selecting brands, bringing you the finest from around the world.
Our mission is to contribute to the sustainable economic growth of the nation. Also, to earn people's trust and create bonds that is mutually valued.
As a core part of our long term strategy, we aim to venture a manufacturing company and offer our customers with quality products in competitive prices. With that in mind, our mission is also to generate employment opportunities in the country contributing to the national growth.


Our product-portfolio comprises a range of high technology products engineered brilliantly delivering high adhesive strength, resistance and excellent working properties. We hand out the products which comes to us only after being tested and approved.


Quality is our first priority; the yardstick that measures our success. Each of our products at Nepal Adhesives come from trusted brands from around the globe. So it is needless to mention that our customers will have remarkable experience working with our products.


At Nepal Adhesive all our customers will be explained the science (simplified version) behind the product that is brought in use to ensure the optimum utilisation without any unsafe consequences. We generally test the user-friendly properties to ensure customers safety.


Our years-long experience in this field allows us to evaluate the quality and efficiency of the products we import. We bring to you only the well tested and certified products with unmatched quality.

They always trust us

Our Brands