GEKRONE Floor Springs

GEKRONE German crown gated Co., Ltd. as a global gated program of foreign enterprises, is committed to meet the user's personal property safety and convenience of life in all directions. GEKRONE is the leading brand in the high-end commercial hardware market in China. It provides the world-leading gating solutions for the commercial market with superb technology and manufacturing process: ground spring, door closers, automatic doors and other products. GEKRONE's expertise and excellence has been recognized by designers and project contractors for hundreds of large-scale five-star hotels, 5A grade office buildings, airports, shopping malls, government buildings, hospitals, factories and state- Project has been widely used. German Crown Gated Co., Ltd. in order to improve competitiveness, set up special offices in China, authorized Crown Crown Co., Ltd. in Suzhou as the German crown gated Co., Ltd. in Greater China distributor in China, responsible for the German crown metal and intelligent gated Production and sales of products, such as after-sales service operations.

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