From fixing a broken utensil to binding components of an automobile, Adhesives have been around us for decades holding parts together. Nepal Adhesive specialises in its types and encompasses almost all categories of Adhesives and Sealants. Their swelling demand globally make our business significant while the evolving technologies serve to expand it everyday. It is my belief that there is a lot more to this industry as the world has moved far ahead in technology. Our desire is to continuously explore and adopt the new changes and provide better solutions to the needs of our customers.Low quality products are the biggest hindrance to achieving development. Use of cheap alternatives for short term benefits is an absolute blunder as it might lead to loss of time, money and, sometimes even life. Also, appropriate application of a product is an absolute necessity as without that even the materials of highest quality would fail. At Nepal Adhesive, we not only provide our customers with the right products but also render free consultancy services run by our highly experienced panel of experts.In the past ten years our company has grown many folds which was made possible only by the combined efforts of our dedicated employees and our supportive customers that I am grateful to. Having launched a website, I expect it will be of great privilege to all of us. Lets make the most out of it and keep the comments and feedback coming for better services. Our sealants and adhesive will therefore not only mend the broken tools or help in making a new one but also create a bond between us thatll stand the test of time, lasting forever.