EVOBOND 1567 Pipe Sealant

EVOBOND high performance anaerobic adhesive is a single component adhesive and cures in the absence of air. EVOBOND anaerobic also cures to form a rigid and a durable film to prevent loosening out of vibration and leakage out of corrosion. The main features of EVOBOND anaerobic are thread locking, sealing and retaining the metal parts.


1.Medium strength and non-migration. Ideal for general purposes of pipe sealing in hydraulic and pneumatic systems. Suitable for general taps and straight thread pipes, instant seal and allow easy disassembly.
2.Colour -White
3.Viscosity(CPS)GB/T2794-1995 – 100000/thixotropic
4.Density (g/cm3) –1.17
5.Max.Gap Fill (mm)- M80
6. Destructive Torque (N.m)-2.0
7. Average Disassemble Torque(N.m)-71.0
8.Work Temp.(oC) -60~ 210
9.Fixing time (min) -120
10.Full Curing Time(h) -24