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We are a company that specialises in distributing Adhesives and Sealants. Nepal Adhesive is the only such website of its kind in Nepal that exclusively deals with adhesives and sealants. Our product line encompasses almost all kinds and categories of Adhesives and Sealants featuring international brands. We feature the most trusted brands of the world offering products that range from quick and easy adhesives to task specific and repair. We have a very diverse range of adhesives, silicones, construction additives for glass related tools and hardware which cater to various needs of industries and household activities. To maintain the quality, safety and, to ensure customer satisfaction, we carefully make our choices in selecting brands, bringing you the finest from around the world.Related: how did red pollard die, jennifer scordo husband, air france travel doc aero, autorização de residência temporária validade, doença degenerativa da coluna lombar aposenta, , artículos científicos de ingeniería industrial pdf, does warm milk help with acid reflux in babies, fiche de poste infirmier en psychiatrie, tipos de nacionalidade portuguesa, tiny homes for sale in hiawassee, ga, wayside park sc, esqueci a palavra passe do pc windows 7, edinburgh accies team, james martin deep pan apple pie recipe,Related: career day activities for kindergarten, please treat this matter with utmost urgency, say muhammad 10 times joke, worst places to live in cumbria, flashdance actress dies, chicago prep bowl champions, huge waves in dream islam, footprint center view from my seat, new homes for sale in apple valley, ca, bon jovi voice damage, m24 rapper height, lilo and stitch experiment 220, being there for someone who isn't there for you, nunnelee funeral home sikeston, mo obits, matthew winkler parents,Related: kankakee daily journal obituaries today, application of mathematics in club meeting, what percentage of nfl contracts are guaranteed, modesto county jail, san diego county oak tree ordinance, photography agency los angeles, substitute for stout beer in stew, newhouse family politics, antonia reininghaus daughter, leighton broadcasting radio auction, just chicken alton towers halal, putnam county hospital financial statements, trinity county police department, jeter un mauvais sort, lisa armstrong telegraph age,Related: baby with cold won't sleep mumsnet, 9 parachute squadron royal engineers, bouvier rescue california, snoop dogg wine nutrition facts, rodney anthony feranna, is tauren wells still apostolic, what channel is fox on spectrum in ohio, monte vista, co obituaries, abandoned schools for sale mn, downtown tony brown obituary, columbia sciences po interview, andrew kamienski nfl draft, what happened to wake up with the wagners 2021, waco arrests mugshots 2022, on point dance competition results 2022,Related: xtreme diamond baseball las vegas, cadillac high school football coach, ogun state cda constitution, does eucalyptus smell like cat pee, why drink apple juice before surgery, laura jayes new baby, paylocity app no punch, why did ella leyers leave professor t, new businesses coming to tulare, ca 2021, adam guettel haley bond, jennie blackpink birth chart, list of abominations in the bible, do i need a mobility aid quiz, katz group executives, kirk hinrich high school,Related: texas propositions 2021 pros and cons, jackson hewitt stimulus check 2021, lake thunderbird waterfront homes for sale, lasham gliding competition, will a sagittarius woman come back after a breakup, randy survivor: gabon racist, most consecutive 40 point games nba, cheap houses for rent in duluth, why i left the apostolic christian church, exelon pre employment test, apartments for rent in fort pierce under $1,000, jim glidewell family, gibson county mugshots 2021, letrs unit 1 session 7 check for understanding, man vs nature conflict in the cask of amontillado,Related: most rare haplogroups, parker sawyers iota phi theta, loch lyon fishing permit, wareham police arrests, candy clicker 2 codes on scratch, uc davis nurse residency 2022, que significa una paloma blanca en un funeral, brett lashbrook net worth, what features are considered exotic, mobile homes for rent in lemoore, shoulder pain after egg retrieval, captain mike anderson charters, richard carmona obituary, we beat the streets summary quizlet, demon soul simulator trello,
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As a core part of our long term strategy, we aim to venture a manufacturing company and offer our customers with quality products in competitive prices. With that in mind, our mission is also to generate employment opportunities in the country contributing to the national growth.


Our product-portfolio comprises a range of high technology products like sealants and adhesive.


Our years-long experience in this field allows us to evaluate the quality of products.


All our customers are explained the safety and usage of the products.


Quality is our first priority, the yardstick that measures our success.

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Construction Products and Additives

The need for better-performing and more sustainable construction products and additives is getting bigger with time. Ranging from flooring and waterproofing to plastering and stabilizing, our special sealants and additives will bring remarkable improvements to your application.

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Household Adhesives and sealants

Our household sealants and adhesives have a range of fast repairing adhesives that mend the accidental breakages and, fix the general wear and tear of domestic utensils. Have a look:

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Footwear Industry Adhesives

Some of the internationally recognised brands rely on our footwear adhesives and have been doing so for years. Our footwear products exhibit great quality, durability and high performance.

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Furniture Industry Adhesives

Nepal Adhesive has a solution for all types of wood work be it indoor or outdoor. We have wide range of commercial strength, sealants and adhesives in this category.

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Automobile Adhesive & Sealants

With the extensive range of automotive solutions we have, you can add structural strength, bind the dissimilar substrates, lightweight your vehicle and just get rid of the traditional fasteners.

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Hardware Adhesive and Sealants

We have a collection of top selling hardware adhesive and sealants of super-performance quality

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Glass Products' Adhesives and Sealants

Nepal adhesive houses cutting edge sealants and adhesive formulation for bonding broken glass. They offer speed setting, are resistant to moisture, thermal stability and many more.

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